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  • 假日【週五】住宿之定義為休假日(國定假日)之前一天統稱為星期五

  • 假日【週六】住宿之定義為休假日(國定假日)之當天統稱為星期六住宿

  • 平日假日休息皆為3小時。


  • 精緻商務汽車房 & 豪華情境汽車房 200元/小時

  • 豪華家庭房 300元/小時



  • 平日住宿

    • 所有房型:下午15:00~24:00內入住至(隔日12:00前退房)

  • 假日住宿

    • 所有房型:下午18:00~24:00內入住至(隔日12:00前退房)

  • 其他事項

    • 其他時段入住以住滿12小時計算,特殊節日另定。

    • 住房每間2人或4人,增加人數加收清潔費。

    • 如攜帶寵物入房,每隻加收清潔消毒費300元。



  • 一間房間未超過3,500元內,則統一收取訂金1,000元。3,500元以上則收取總房價的3成訂金。

  • 訂房後一天內須【匯款】至指定帳戶或【現場繳付】訂金,方可完成預訂手續及保留房間,匯款後再致電告知確認,如逾期未匯款訂金,將會自動取消訂房,不再另行通知。

  • 住宿當天逢颱風或地震等天災不可抗拒因素【本館所在地縣市政府頒布狀況為準則】,可全額退回訂金【須扣除10%手續費 or 保留六個月】。

  • 住宿前10天取消訂房,扣取10%手續費或延期乙次,延期以三個月為限。

  • 住宿日7~9天前取消訂房,退還50%已付訂金。

  • 住宿日4~6天前取消訂房,退還40%已付訂金。

  • 住宿日2~3天前取消訂房,退還30%已付訂金。

  • 住宿日1天前取消訂房,退還20%已付訂金。

  • 在住宿當天取消訂房,則恕不退訂金。



  1. ATM轉帳:代碼 005|分行 1035|帳號 103001015277

  2. 銀行匯款:土地銀行-東新竹分行



  • Friday weekend-reservations include the day before, weekends, and any national holidays.

  • Saturday weekend-reservations include the day of, weekends, and any national holidays.

  • All leisure times are three-hour an unit despite weekdays and weekends.

  • Over-staying fees for Standard Twin Rooms & Standard Double Rooms & All Themed Double Rooms: $200NTD/hour.

  • Over-staying fees for Standard Family Rooms: $300NTD/hour.


Check-in times:

  • Weekdays

。All Rooms: 15:00-24:00 (Check-out at noon)

  • Weekends

。All Rooms: 15:00-24:00 (Check-out at noon)

  • Restrictions

    • (Guests checking-in during non-check-in times shown above will be restricted to checking-out after twelve-hours upon check-in time, excluding holidays.)

    • Double rooms are restricted at two persons of occupancy and Family rooms are restricted at four persons of occupancy. Cleaning fees are applied when the number of guests exceed.

    • Pets are allowed under a $300NTD cleaning fee.


About Reservations

  • A $1,000NTD deposit will be charged on reservations under $3,500NTD. A 30%, of the total amount of room reservations, of deposit will be charged on reservations over $3,500NTD.

  • To complete a reservation, customers are required to transfer the amount of deposit to a specific account provided by Spring Motel, or clear off the deposit balance in person at the Spring Motel front desk. One of these payment methods, upon finalizing the reservations, should be completed within a day (24 hours) of requesting a room reservation. Customers are suggested to contact Spring Motel to confirm any transferring trisections. When deposit is not received within 24 hours, reservations will be cancelled without further notice.

  • Any natural disaster i.e. hurricane, earthquake (posted by the official local city or county council) occur on the check-in date, a full refund (excluding a 10% transaction fee) can be issued, otherwise, the deposit will be valid for six months from the reservation date. 

  • Canceling a reservation ten days before checking-in, customers will be charged with a 10% transaction fee, or a free check-in extension, up to three months from the check-in date.

  • Canceling a reservation seven to nine days before checking-in, 50% of the deposit will be refunded.

  • Canceling a reservation four to six days before checking-in, 40% of the deposit will be refunded.

  • Canceling a reservation two to three days before checking-in, 30% of the deposit will be refunded.

  • Canceling a reservation one days before checking-in, 20% of the deposit will be refunded.

  • Refund cannot be issued when canceling a reservation on the check in date.


Payment Method

  1. ATM Transfer Code: 052|Branch 0177|Account Number 01353000474849

  2. Bank: 渣打國際商業銀行-竹北分行 (Standard Chartered Bank, Zhubei Branch)

       Account Number: 01353000474849

       Account Name: 春城汽車旅館股份有限公司

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